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Quality preparation work done by professional excavation and grading contractors can make a huge difference in how long your construction project takes to complete and the finished results. It can also determine how long your structures, pavement, or other finish surfaces last. We strive to provide any business, resident, builder, contractor, or commercial interests with excellent service and 100% job satisfaction. 

What are Excavating and Grading Services?

Excavating is a service provided to assist in minor and major construction projects, or as a part of the process of installing fixtures like inground swimming pools, septic tanks, or utilities. Holes, trenches, and sometimes tunnels are dug using specialized equipment to make the process safe and effective. Grading is a process of leveling off or creating an angled surface to build on or add a paving material.

Why Use an Excavating Contractor?

An excavating contractor is a licensed specialist that understands and follows the rules and regulations that apply to the digging, trenching, tunneling, or grading of land in your local area. Taking the risk of not using a contractor could mean fines, having to get the work done all over again, or failure of your projects due to poor preparation work.


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We are Your Local Excavation Construction Project Experts

Offering services in many of the east metro-Atlanta counties, we have years of experience in all types of commercial and residential construction projects that require excavation or grading work. You can count on the planning, design, and execution of the job to result in a better experience with the build.

    The Benefits of Professional Commercial Excavation

    Hiring experts like to do your commercial excavation work offers benefits like:

    • Level areas for building foundations and parking
    • Smooth base for driveways and roads
    • Reduced flood risk through water drainage solutions
    • Safe and secure utility installations
    • Properly cleared property for safety and aesthetic improvement


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    Serving Newton, Rockdale, DeKalb, Henry, Walton, Jasper, and Morgan Counties!

    Complete Residential and Commercial Building Site Prep

    Our professional excavation and grading services handle all aspects of commercial and residential building site preparation. We make sure everything is ready for the build from driveways, foundation bases, access roads, basic utility installations, drainage, septic systems, and more. The better your prep work is, the better the resulting build will be

    Experienced Land Clearing and Improvement

    Rarely is an unimproved property ready to build on without clearing out a few trees, shrubbery, and other types of overgrowth. Our clearing team can remove tree stumps, trees on a dangerous lean, or those that have died and make your property look bad. We also remove fallen limbs and debris that clutter your property after severe storms.


    Professional Septic System Installation

    Septic systems are a must in areas that offer no public sewage service. It’s critical to make sure everything about the design and installation of your system is correct and in accordance with the water table levels of your soil. Getting any portion of thos project wrong can result in environmental contamination and a backup into your home. We make sure every detail is handled right and that you get a septic system that functions well for years.

    “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – David Allan Coe

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